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15th-Jan-2007 01:38 pm(no subject)
Challenge #2:

This weeks' challenge will be based on an old favorite Swan Song!
-Use ONLY these caps
-No blending of the images
-Submit up to two icons (each using different images!)
-Entries are due January 19, 2006
15th-Jan-2007 01:21 pm - Banner Post

Okay, this is the official banner post, where you will get your banners after winning. So far, I've only made Set One, but I will be adding more banners, and anyone who wants can also contribute to this.

15th-Jan-2007 01:11 pm(no subject)

1st Place-

 by missblackrebel

2nd Place (tie)-

 by spikesaudrey
 by missblackrebel

3rd Place-

 by [info]stillheroes

I will put up the banner post and next challenge in a little while. Congrats to the winners!
13th-Jan-2007 03:59 pm(no subject)

We had a small amount of icons this challenge, but that's ok. I see icon challenge communities that have hundreds of members and only get, like 11 entries. To get this community off the ground, promote! Tell your friends, submit an entry, even if you don't think it's too good! Others might like it.

Vote for only 3 icons, in your order of preference! No self love!

2nd-Jan-2007 05:31 pm(no subject)
Ok, this is just a reminder of the challenge, as you still have 10 days to do it, but in case anyone forgot over the holidays, don't forget to submit an entry, on, yes, the first challenge!
20th-Dec-2006 02:01 pm - Challenge #1
Since Sunday night is Christmas Eve, and many of us (including me) will probably be doing something, I've decided to post the first challenge. Glad to know we have some members, but since we don't have too many, I'd like it if EVERYONE tried to make an icon.

Challenge #1 (yay!)
This weeks' challenge will be based on Milo/Alexis caps
-Use ONLY these caps
-No blending of the images
-Submit up to two icons (each using different images!)
-Entries are due January 12, 2006 (That's plenty of time people!)

17th-Dec-2006 09:35 pm - Welcome
Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I am community-obsessed. Welcome to the rj_stillness community, where we love icon-making and the Rory/Jess 'ship from the popular tv show, Gilmore Girls

The Challenge

Every week a new blank will be posted. You may modify the blank and add text but you may not blend any images with it. Your submission can not be animated. After all, this is a stillness challenge.

The Icon

A new challenge will be posted every week with 2-4 screencaps to choose from. Post your icon as a comment to that post. You may only submit up to TWO icons, only one per picture. You CANNOT combine pictures to make it animated, that is why it is stillness. All comments are screened for anonymity so do not post your icons else where until the results have been posted.

Your icon must fit LJ’s standards. 100x100, 40kB max and be .jpg .png or .gif format.

Post both img and url versions of your icon using a reliable server, www.photobucket.com works well.



The Vote

Vote for your three favourites in order but no voting for yourself.

The Results

The votes are tallied and the winners are posted. A Banner post will be up soon for you to collect your banners and post them where you want.

The Timeline

Sunday night: New challenge posted
Sunday night to Friday night: submit icons
Friday night: Voting is posted
Friday night to Sunday night: voting
Sunday night: Winners posted

If you have any questions or comments, email stirig@comcast.net
Rules are borrowed from g_g_stillness 
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